Peyton Fleming: Lobby Hero

Playing the role of “Dawn,” Little Theatre of the Rockies’ Lobby Hero cast member, Peyton Fleming, has opened up about the importance of portraying a strong female character during an era that is fighting for women’s rights. “I think it’s extremely important to portray a character like her. It’s exciting to play the type of woman who doesn’t take bull from anyone and has a strong moral compass.” Female independence is getting its time to shine in this production directed by Ken Womble. Dawn is the rookie cop who is sent to investigate a murder with her senior partner and two apartment building security guards. Being in a career mostly dominated by men, Dawn is tough as nails and feels as though she needs to always have her guard up. “Although she is very rough around the edges, I would like to portray the softer sides of Dawn to the audience, because it is those softer sides that makes you realize that she isn’t innately a mean-spirited person. It is the circumstances that she is constantly under that makes her feel like she has to act the way that she does.” Like most women, Dawn has problems maintaining authority amongst such ideals of toxic masculinity, and Peyton can relate to having to hide herself in order to so. “I connect with her desire to make a big change in the world. I also know what it’s like to feel like you have to suppress your emotions to make it farther in life, and I connect with her difficulty to navigate through ridiculous circumstances that only present themselves to her because she is a woman.” Peyton believes that Dawn’s character is critical to present to the audience because she embraces such an important topic of today’s society that is still receiving little recognition in theatre. “I think that her journey is so important for the audience to follow because there are so many women in the world who go through this type of suffocating discrimination every single day, and it means a lot to me that I can bring exposure to this type of everyday struggle. Rather than conclude that Dawn is just an insecure person, ask yourself why she is insecure. It is in the why that you discover the incredibly negative effects that power, authority, and the patriarchy can have on an individual’s outward and inward perception.”

Lobby Hero runs June 14th-17th and July 6th, 11th-12th, 21st-22nd with evening performances at 7:30 PM and Sunday matinee performances at 2:00 PM in Norton Theatre located in Gray Hall on UNC Central Campus. Tickets are available in-person at the box office located in Frasier Hall on the UNC campus in Greeley, CO, via phone at (970) 351-2200, or online. RATED PG-13.