Kerri Jill Garbis: Guest Artist

“This show will put you in a good mood!” -Kerri

Little Theatre of the Rockies is proud to welcome Kerri Jill Garbis back to the LTR stage. Kerri Jill plays Giulia Melucci in I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti, and is so excited to be back at LTR for first time in eight years. You may remember Kerri Jill from her LTR performance in The Lady with All the Answers in 2010. Some of her other credits include the Broadway bound musical, Angels, off-Broadway in That Time of the Year, the National Tours of Evita as Evita, and Singin’ In The Rain as Lina Lamont. She performed I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti in Boston, MA at the Greater Boston Stage Company in 2017 and is excited to be presenting it to our Northern Colorado audiences.

Not only is Kerri Jill a successful professional actress, she is also a successful business woman and published author. She co-founded Ovation Communication in 2010 which is a business in which herself, alongside 15 other professional actors, teach presentation and story-telling skills to business professionals. As a business, their main goal is to consult with big businesses such as Microsoft, Disney, and GE to assist them in bettering their presentation and communication skills within a business setting using natural acting techniques. More information on her business can be found on their website, She is also a published author having written Presentation Skills for Managers in 2017. The book is the actor’s take on how to prepare and deliver business presentations in a formal business setting, much like she consults on in her business, Ovation Communication.

Kerri Jill Garbis is a well-rounded force to be reckoned with, and we at Little Theatre of the Rockies are proud to have her back with her performance of I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti.

Q: What’s the most influential part you’ve ever played?

A: The most influential role I’ve ever played has to be Evita because, at a very young age, it taught me how to be disciplined. It is a very demanding role was influential in terms of stamina.I learned how to take care of myself, it forced me to not get bored in the same role. Though I have played the role six times, I always learn something new playing it.

Q: What about I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti speaks to you?

A: Giulia’s funny and her comedy comes from her life experience. She’s a sassy Italian woman from New York and there’s a lot I can relate to for that. To me, food is one of the ways you can express your feelings to others, which I think is such a cool vehicle, and so I got to exemplify that in this. Cooking is a hobby of mine that I never got to do outside of fun, so when I got a chance to use this skill on stage, I jumped at the chance.

Q: You performed this show in Boston, what differences do you look forward to?

A: I look forward to telling these New York stories to a different audience. A New York story might get embraced a little more here than it does over on the East Coast. The East Coast is tired of New York stories, though Boston was a great audience. I am excited to try to make pasta at this elevation, since I’ve heard that’s a little challenging. Even though it’s the same show, each production is different, so I’m excited to see what this experience brings.

Q: What are the big differences between being in a one woman show vs. an ensemble show?

A: The dressing room is way less crowded. If you mess up on stage, there is no one else trying to fix your mistakes. There’s a lot of empowerment in knowing it’s all on me to pick back up. There is less help from others, obviously. There are no breaks for you as the actor, that’s something you have to learn during a one woman show. I will say that, though it is a one woman play, it is never a solo performance. There is a huge team that makes the show happening I couldn’t do it without them.