Introducing Xanadu with Director Shelly Gaza

Introducing Xanadu with Director Shelly Gaza 


Q: What is the concept for Xanadu? 

A: The concept for Xanadu is pretty specific. The Broadway musical, which came out in 2009, is a musical spoof of the original 1980 cult classic film starring Olivia Newton-John. It was a terrible movie that everyone loved. The concept is tied up with a bow. It’s to embrace the campy, satirical, and spoofy feeling that is baked into the musical. Because of that, you shouldn’t stray to far from the original concept.  

Q: What about the show drew you to want to produce it? 

A: My first connection is that I just loved the movie and the original soundtrack by ELO. I think it’s perfect for the LTR season because it’s light, silly and fun. People like to go to the theatre for a good time where they can relax, and this show allows people to do that.  

Q: Why do you think audiences should come see it? 

A: Anyone who is a fan of this music won’t be disappointed. The voices of the cast are just outstanding. People that don’t even know Xanadu will want to see it just for the fun time that the show gives the audience. The dancing is also going to be great, and, of course, we have characters roller skating on stage.  

Q: What do you think the audience should take away from the show? 

A: There is a pretty wonderful theme throughout the show which is to celebrate the joy of artistic creation and artistic expression. The main character, Kira, is a Greek goddess, and she learns what it means to be human and create something that is artistically her own. Then the other character, Sonny, learns not to give up and to pursue his dream. They go on this journey of falling in love, creating art, and committing to their dreams.