Introducing Lobby Hero with Director Ken Womble!

Lobby Hero with Director Ken Womble 


Q: What is the concept for Lobby Hero

A: I try to fulfill what the playwright intended, so the way I see it is as a drama that contains a lot of comedy. There is certainly depth to it, some truths come out, and portrays how people react to adversity. The show portrays the tenuousness of relationships and how real-life events can affect and change how we feel about each other and our relationships with one another. There are also strong themes of loyalty and friendship.  

Q: What about the show made you want to produce it? 

A: To begin with, I think it’s a very well-written play. I love the four characters as they are unique and human because they are flawed. The playwright has created some very well-rounded character. I also love that its entertaining and funny, and that it has depth alongside it.  

Q: Why do you think audiences should come see the show? 

A: It’s going to be a great show. Those themes are strong and the audience could learn from them. As well as, like I said before, it’s an entertaining show and I think people will enjoy the humor in it.  

Q: What do you think the audience should take away from the show? 

A: I hope they would be satisfied by the entertainment in the show. I hope they can relate to some of the characters. I keep going back to those themes and how strong they are played. And, hopefully, the audience can look at these characters and walk away seeing themselves in a slightly different way, and maybe just a little bit improved from that experience.