Introducing Catch Me if You Can with Director David Grapes II!

Introducing Catch Me If You Can with Director David Grapes II 


Q: What is the concept for Catch Me If You Can

A: Catch Me If You Can is a very complicated show to do as it’s extremely cinematic. It’s largely based off the book, and the stage adaptation itself is very related to the film. The story is a true story. It’s pretty frightening when you think about this guy really flying planes and taking peoples’ appendix’s out without any training. But, he did do all of it. So, the concept is to make the show very cinematic so that it moves quickly; it will be very theatrical and told in almost a cabaret, nightclub kind of way. There are many different locations throughout this show, so setting it like that will make it all move the way its supposed to without having too much scenery to elongate the story. The other thing about the show is that there is a lot of dancing, and I think that people will be drawn to that. But, the overall concept is to tell the story in the most cinematic, natural, and truthful way we can tell it. It’s also set in the 60s, which is a very fun era to play up with this show. It will be a visual spectacle, and costume designer, Frank Chavez, is returning and will stay true to the spectacular visuals that this show takes.  

Q: What about the show drew you to want to produce it? 

A: I’ve always liked the movie, and I was able to see the musical when it was done in New York and I just marveled at it. The musical numbers are fun and I just really thought that I should do it. It hasn’t been done much in our area and I want to bring something new to our audiences.  

Q: Why should audiences come see the show? 

A: Most audiences probably haven’t seen it. And it’s a very interesting story with a character that makes you morally conflicted. You kind of love him and hate him at the same time. You can see how he was able to con people and get them to do things, but at the same time his morals were questionable as he took advantage of a lot of people. Somehow, though, you still like him. There is a very interesting relationship that happens between the FBI agent that chased him down and himself. Eventually they became best friends and worked together after all this happened; he helped train security firms on how to prevent getting tricked by people the way they were tricked by him. I think that audiences will enjoy the story, the characters, and be fascinated by how boldly and aggressively he was able to trick people.  

Q: What should the audience take away from the show? 

A: I think that people are going to come away with an appreciation of these characters and the performers plus their abilities. Its also just a very entertaining show as there is a lot of song and dance. I think people will come away with an understanding of how you can have a love/hate relationship with another person. They will also probably come away with an appreciation for those people that are actually qualified for those jobs that he conned his way into doing.  

Q: Who are the guest artists for the show? 

A: We have two UNC alumni returning for the first time. The first alum is Kier Kirkeggard who has done many things since he graduated such as Barbie LIVE in Asia and Australia and Rock of Ages in Las Vegas. The second alum is Joseph Serrano who performed in Doubt and Elephant Man here at UNC. We have another alum who is now a Greeley local, Brion Humphrey; he teaches at Greeley Central High School. There are also two other guest artists: Kerri Jill Garbis, who is performing in I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti, and Rebecca Joy who is a full-time Assistant Professor of Theatre at UNC.