Guest Artist: Tetrianna Silas Q&A


Tetrianna Silas is a UNC alumni who received a BA in Musical Theatre. She is currently a professional actress in Atlanta, GA where she is a resident company member of the Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern. Past credits include: Romeo and Juliet, Merry Wives of Windsor and the Utah Shakespeare Festivals touring production of Taming Of the Shrew.

She answered some questions about what it is like to be back at UNC and a part of Little Theatre of the Rockies.

1. Have you ever been a cast member in a Little Theatre of the Rockies production?

“Yes I have been in LTR before! The summer after my freshman year I played Mama Morton in Chicago! I also was Motormouth when MTI and thespian conference brought Hairspray to LTR when I was a sophomore in high school!”

2. Why did you decide to come back to LTR after graduating 2 years ago?

“Well I came back for a few reasons, I guess the first reason is when Tom McNally calls you and tells you he is retiring and the last show he is directing is A Raisin in The Sun and he wants you to be Mama, the only answer a sane person can give is yes! But on a more overall note, UNC and LTR just hold such a dear place in my heart, this place shaped me, these people loved me for four years! So who says no when their family says “we are paying you to come home!”

3. How is it different being back as an alumna?

Being back in LTR as an “professional actress” it is nice to sit back and really see the amazing training that you get here and at the time you don’t even realize it! You just laugh and think “I’m having the summer of my life with friends doing what I love!” But the directors, the teachers and even the patrons here give so much love and support that it really does prepare you to go out and do this in the real world! When you have that much love backing you up, and let me tell you it doesn’t stop once you graduate, these people honestly care, with real mentors like that you can never fail. Ever.

4. What will you take away from your summer at Little Theatre of the Rockies?

This summer in LTR has meant a lot of things to me, I played a dream role this summer which was super cool! But more importantly I was inspired by this new generation of artist! I was surrounded by so much fresh talent, and guys these kids are amazing! We created one of the most beautiful pieces of art I have ever been apart of and it inspired me right down to my bones, and reminded me why I do this. We changed lives this summer in Greeley, CO! We made a difference! That’s what art is. We change people, we change ourselves! Thank you Tom, David, Cast of Aida, and my unmeasurable Younger Family; Walter, Bennie, Ruth you all are what I am taking from LTR this summer!